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jan uar y fic tio n
14 March
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i miss when we were little and thought nothing of swimming in lakes where we couldn't see the bottom; never questioned playing in woods even when we didn't know what was in them; never worried that something might happen to us...

and not getting a toy we'd had our eyes on, was the only heartbreak we ever knew

these are just words

animal rights, antiques & art, autumn, black & white, books, chan marshall, classic hollywood, collages, fashion, folklore & history, fresh air, him, jacqueline kennedy, letters & magazines, love, nature, paper dolls, philosophy & photography, sewing & shakespeare, spring, summer, tea, the 1940s & 50s, the 1960s & 70s, the beatles, thrifting, twiggy, vintage & vocabulary, weather, winter & writing

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